Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets…

We all have one.

Or many.

Demons, monsters in the closet, unanswered questions, untold stories, unforgivable sins, guilty consciences, mistakes, addictions, abuse, neglect, loneliness, depression, violations, the list goes on.

Dirty little secrets are often things we cannot even admit to ourselves, let alone confess to others.

We live in a world right now where we are bombarded by the impossible.

The Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest world that is the ‘real deal’.


It is the biggest propaganda out there.  Hear something enough, read something enough, see something enough and you will believe it.  This propaganda is poisoning our minds, our souls, our hearts.  We know we will never be good enough.  How can we be.  We are real. But we are not the ‘real deal’.  We are the real ‘wannabe’s’.

We try.  We try everyday.  We think in Facebook posts.  We take a picture more for what others will think than on the treasure and keepsake of it.  We are a commodity now.  We market our self worth and we hope that people will like our product by the amount of likes and hearts we receive.

The dirty little secrets start to weave their way through our bodies, our minds, our souls…..until the weave snaps.  That day is a hard day.  But it is the best day.  It is the day of truth.  And truth is the best medicine there is.  Truth sets you free.  This saying hasn’t been used for decades for no reason.


Who are you?


If you could post the REAL you on social media… what would it be.  Are you scared to share it?  Do you think others will think less of you?  Will you disappoint your viewers?  Will you be less than?

Who are you?

More than likely you are not your posts on Facebook.  That snap shot that captures your day.  The message that tells the world how OK you are.  How everything is fine and how nothing could be better than it is right now.

Who are you?

Did you smile all day?  Was your hair perfect all day?  Did your child listen to everything you said today? Are they really that angelic all day? Was that walk through the forest, or the selfie on the beach as perfect as it looked?  I think not.


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a site that was real.   A place where you could discover who you REALLY are?  A place when you are asked the question,

“Who are you?”

And you knew the answer.

Where there is no propaganda, and where you don’t have to sell your self to anyone.

The struggle is real.

The failures are real.

The mess is real.

Life is hard.

And the sad thing is…. That is the beauty.  And we hide it in the closet.  The dirty little secrets of life. The truth.  Us. Who we really are.

Isn’t that a shame ?

Why do we do it?  We need to change this.  I want to change this. I am going to change this.

Life is not about the gravy, its about the meat and potatoes.  Let’s get the nourishment we need.  Let’s fill our minds, hearts and soul with the bountiful fruits of life.

Let’s share our hardships, lets reveal our mistakes, lets share our tears.

There is no shame in that.

Shame comes from not trusting in yourself and in people you surround yourself with.

We all need to look in the mirror.  The real mirror.  Not the mirror where you can change the filter.  The mirror that hides the imperfections and shows the false you.  We need to look at the non-filtered mirror and love ourselves.  Share ourselves.  Be proud of ourselves.

Everyday is a struggle. Share your dirty little secrets.  Be free.  Be honest. Be truthful.

I am here.

I know.

I understand.



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