The Plan

I knew this pain was going to come  Before we even parted  I felt it the first time we had to share Share something that is ours But now not together How do you accept this When THIS wasn’t supposed to happen When seeing your child whenever you want, is not possible Because seeing your... Continue Reading →


I believe in the inherent good in all Canadians. I believe that we all want what is best. I believe we all have the right to our opinion. We are all in this together no matter what side you are on. But it is becoming very uncomfortable. There seems to be a fork in the... Continue Reading →

The End of My Marriage

I enter 2022 broken…..again….. This time it’s ALL gone. My marriage ended in the fall. I moved out of our ‘home’ in November. Got an apartment in the ‘city’. Made more money than I ever had and am totally broke. Gained more weight. Started drinking again, trying to convince everyone that I’m okay. Felt uncontrollable... Continue Reading →

Covid vs Sobriety

There is an irony that is not ‘wasted’ on me (no pun intended) that this is my millionth go around with trying not to drink.  I know I sound like a broken record.  Especially, as I try and navigate another ‘new’ beginning. To get started this time, I have been going through my blog and... Continue Reading →

Take the Hand

Have you ever fallen on your face?   Like literally? I have. Actually, I have fallen on my face many times (I’m not the most coordinated 😉) However, just the other day I fell really hard, right on my face. I was out trying to be a cool sporty mom (which I am not). Pretending that... Continue Reading →

Anxiety During Self Isolation

Yesterday was a bad, bad day. Scary bad. The bad that fills you and paralyzes your being. The first sign for me is my vision.  My peripheral is gone and with the narrow view is difficult to navigate. The room spins and I move to the bed to settle myself. My head begins to pound... Continue Reading →

We Must Keep Getting Up

I turned 45 last week. I took the day off work to be alone. Reflect and set new goals for myself, even though I woke up feeling anxious, as I always do on my birthday. So, to combat the feeling of dread that was taking over my heart, I decided it was best to get... Continue Reading →

Every Step Matters

I am still struggling with drinking. But now it is just annoying.  It’s there, and won’t go away. I feel strong because I am so aware of the problem, yet weak because I’m apparently still clueless as to how to solve it. I go for days and days without a drink and then I slip.... Continue Reading →

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