I believe in the inherent good in all Canadians.

I believe that we all want what is best.

I believe we all have the right to our opinion.

We are all in this together no matter what side you are on.

But it is becoming very uncomfortable.

There seems to be a fork in the road and you MUST choose which path or side to take.

But don’t we all want to come out in the end at the same place? 

Where there is no more conflict and we can go back to living our lives?

As an empathetic person, I can FEEL each side.

Scrolling through social media I see the truckers and feel so emotional with how impressive their movement and protest is.  

I feel HOPE.

Then I scroll and see others I respect and admire disgusted with the truckers. 

They feel slighted by all this attention and perhaps feel it is taking  away from their 2 years of being on the front lines.

And I can understand that as well. 

I FEEL their hardship and empathize with them.

And then I FEEL confused.

Who is right? 

No one…. and everyone.

Every person deserves to be able to FEEL their way through this.

We all come to this with our own perspective and point of view.

I watch the truckers and I am filled with HOPE and I pray that some kind of resolve will happen.

And this comes solely from MY experience with the mandates and with the vaccine.

So now we wait.

Thousands are screaming, honking, protestesting and all they are getting from their government is silence.

I think if you have chosen to become a leader, the PRIME MINISTER of a country your JOB is to lead…not hide.

Trudeau signed up for this. 

Now he hides from the Canadian people who have come from every corner of Canada.

This to me has been the most telling of all. 

The energy, time, emotion and cry for our leader to listen is being ignored. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in the truckers and think this is all a waste of time. 

But our Prime Minister shouldn’t.

His JOB is to listen.

His JOB is to address the concerns of ALL Canadians.

Our JOB was to get the vaccine and carry on.  

And the majority of Canadians did their JOB.

So where is he when it’s time to do his JOB?

It wasn’t easy for many Canadians to step up and get vaxxed. 

Many didn’t want it.

Many felt forced.

Many worried about losing their jobs.

Many waited as long as they could before they got it.

But the majority did their JOB as Canadians and did it for the greater good.

So where is our leader when these people are knocking on his door?

Do they realize what all this is doing to our country?

They are dividing us.

They are dividing us within our homes.

They are dividing us within our families.

They are dividing us amongst our friends.

They are dividing us at our workplaces.

They are dividing us in our schools.

They are dividing us in our sports.

They are dividing us in the world.

So now what?

Now we are all exhausted.

Exhausted because no matter what your thoughts and opinions are we are going into year 3 full of unknowns.  

And why are those who chose to not get vaxxed ostracized, criticized for their beliefs.  Why?

Why have they lost their jobs and on top of that cannot get federal assistance.

Because they haven’t done what you asked?

Have you done what we asked?

When our Leader has the nerve to call his fellow Canadians racists and misogynists on a talk show and not blink an eye…..

When our Leader diminishes the cries of his people by calling them the ‘Fringe Minority’ and keeps talking like he is right.

When the day of a historical protest with the world watching he goes into hiding…or is self isolating (joke)

Doesn’t he have a JOB to do?  Like all of us?  

How come he is allowed to not show up and still keep his job?

Haven’t we all shown up to our jobs on the hardest days? 

Haven’t we all had to figure out on the fly how to become teachers to our children?

Haven’t we all had to adjust to working remotely while teaching our kids?  

Haven’t the small businesses done what you asked?  

Spending thousands of dollars to comply with your rules. Yet you still close them down. 

How many of those people still have a business and how many lost their battle with mental health and financial loss?

It is YOUR job to speak to the people. Or lose your job. 

Because you seem to think that that is the way to go right?

Don’t comply and lose your job.

Don’t get vaxxed and lose  your job…your pension….your savings…your family…the roof over your head.

How is that fair?

When you lead with no consistency and talk down and slander your fellow Canadians, how can we trust you?

So we wait for you to lead.

And when you do show your face, what will you have to say?  

Nothing that will satisfy us, I am sure.

But wouldn’t it be great if he actually did say something that was respectable and admirable?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a leader that was able to see both sides of a problem and bring us all together.  

Didn’t he learn that when he was a teacher?  

Isn’t that what we teach in schools?  

How to respect one another and how to work together for the greater good? 

We have all become teachers now, haven’t we?

Are we not teaching our students about inclusivity?  How EVERYONE matters.  

How EVERYONE has a voice. 

This is what we are teaching our children.  

Isn’t that why the rainbow flag flies at our schools?

We are teaching our children to be compassionate, and that they have freedom of choice, and they are safe and will be included in all.

So why are we not living this in our adult lives? 

Freedom of CHOICE. Followed by respect.

This is the message we are telling our children in schools. 

How is he modeling that? 

If he was still a teacher would he send students home with no education and no support because they didn’t want to participate in what he was teaching? Shut them out, and not take time to listen to them if they shared a different point of view? 

I am sure he wouldn’t be a teacher for long. 

But this is how he is treating us.

Our Prime Minister.

And now people have shown up at your door, tired and fed up with how you lead.

How can we become believers again?

When can we get excited about life again?

When can we trust what we hear again?

For the first time in 2 years I FEEL a glimmer of hope…but it is slowly diminishing as you hide from your responsibility to your people.

Show up for us as we have shown up for you.

Canadians are the kindest, loving, believing and trusting people.

Stop abusing this and disappointing us.

Either work with us or go away.

Because we are one.

Show us that you’re capable and if not then step aside.

We need a leader who believes in us again and will fight for and with us….

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