The Female Project


The Female Project

When You Can’t Just Have One Drink …. Are you an Alcoholic?

I have been feeling so much anxiety about writing lately. I haven’t written anything in over a year. And it’s not because I haven’t wanted to. My mind writes a blog post probably every day. But to actually sit down... Continue Reading →

We Must Keep Getting Up

I turned 45 last week. I took the day off work to be alone. Reflect and set new goals for myself, even though I woke up feeling anxious, as I always do on my birthday. So, to combat the feeling... Continue Reading →

Every Step Matters

I am still struggling with drinking. But now it is just annoying.  It’s there, and won’t go away. I feel strong because I am so aware of the problem, yet weak because I’m apparently still clueless as to how to... Continue Reading →

From ME to WE

It has been months now since I have written a new blog post. I have no excuses. Have I been drinking? Sometimes… Have I had an occasional slip up? Yes. Do I feel ok? For the most part yes… and... Continue Reading →

Self Help Junkie Trying Something New

I am a Self-Help Junkie. Surprising…. I know! If you were to look at my book shelf, I probably own more than 50 inspirational books on how to be a better me. My quick fix for most of my problems,... Continue Reading →


As all the sparkle and glitter settles from New Year celebrations and resolutions, the self challenges and new commitments become a list that holds fresh hopes and repetitive failures. I started to drink again. Sifting through the happiness and joy... Continue Reading →

Great Expectations & Thanksgivings

I thought I was pregnant … but I AM NOT. I’ve thought I was pregnant many times… but I WASN’T. When will this end. This dream. Hope. Expectation. Wish. Disappointment. Dread. Truth. I cannot get pregnant…. naturally. I know I... Continue Reading →

195 Days Sober

6 months alcohol free has come and gone! This picture, when I saw it, truly symbolized to me the whole process of the Journey that I've been on this past 6 months. Slowing down and taking care of myself and... Continue Reading →

If you had to bet on yourself, would you?

Recently it was asked of me, if I had to bet on mine and my families success, would I? Meaning, would I invest?  Wager? Gamble? Place a bet? Am I in it to win it? Well, many from the outside... Continue Reading →

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