The Female Project


The Female Project

From ME to WE

It has been months now since I have written a new blog post. I have no excuses. Have I been drinking? Sometimes… Have I had an occasional slip up? Yes. Do I feel ok? For the most part yes… and... Continue Reading →

Self Help Junkie Trying Something New

I am a Self-Help Junkie. Surprising…. I know! If you were to look at my book shelf, I probably own more than 50 inspirational books on how to be a better me. My quick fix for most of my problems,... Continue Reading →


As all the sparkle and glitter settles from New Year celebrations and resolutions, the self challenges and new commitments become a list that holds fresh hopes and repetitive failures. I started to drink again. Sifting through the happiness and joy... Continue Reading →

Great Expectations & Thanksgivings

I thought I was pregnant … but I AM NOT. I’ve thought I was pregnant many times… but I WASN’T. When will this end. This dream. Hope. Expectation. Wish. Disappointment. Dread. Truth. I cannot get pregnant…. naturally. I know I... Continue Reading →

195 Days Sober

6 months alcohol free has come and gone! This picture, when I saw it, truly symbolized to me the whole process of the Journey that I've been on this past 6 months. Slowing down and taking care of myself and... Continue Reading →

If you had to bet on yourself, would you?

Recently it was asked of me, if I had to bet on mine and my families success, would I? Meaning, would I invest?  Wager? Gamble? Place a bet? Am I in it to win it? Well, many from the outside... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Saying NO!

Lately, I have been finding that raising my 8-year-old son has become tiring, challenging and simply difficult. I look at him some days and wonder who the heck is he? Why is he acting the way he is acting? Why... Continue Reading →

Truly Broken

I lie here. Broken. But this time I am literally broken. To become whole, sometimes we have to make a choice to break open the old wounds that have been slowing us down. Over the years, I have found it... Continue Reading →

A Not So Perfect Day

  The darkness comes sometimes when I least expect it. Getting ready for work. Cooking dinner. Writing. My eye sight starts to blur, and my peripheral vision disappears. Forcing me to focus on what is right in front of me.... Continue Reading →

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