When Darkness Falls

Here is where I am… day 22. And let me tell you, it f-ing sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I am super happy that I have made it to day 22, but it has been WAY harder than I had ever thought it would be. After the first 2 weeks, I really felt like I... Continue Reading →


Today is day three and I am going to hold myself accountable to get to day four, and day five, and day six….and more. I am sharing this, because it is hard. This journey is hard because it is a battle of the self.  And no matter what anyone says or tries to do, in... Continue Reading →

The Negotiator

Not drinking is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. I knew that this was going to be a big challenge.  But I was going to do it! No matter how difficult, I was strong enough to overcome this. But then why haven’t I stopped yet? I tell myself that every day is a... Continue Reading →

The Universe Knows

Meeting someone for the first time is universally magical. This is because you never know the impact they will have on your life, or the impact you will have on theirs. Like when you meet your best friend for the first time. Did I know that when I was looking through my backyard fence and... Continue Reading →

The Witness

Have you ever seen someone take their last breath of life? I have. I witnessed my father’s last breath. He died alone, with no one by his side but me, and a minister to guide his departure from this world. I had no fear, but my heart clenched tight in my chest. I listened as... Continue Reading →

The Apology

One day, 9 years ago, someone looked me right in the eyes and had the courage to tell me that if I continued drinking the way I was drinking that the road ahead was not going to be pretty. If I continued to drink in excess, there would come a day when the drink would control... Continue Reading →

My Girls! Thank You!!

This morning felt like a new dawn. A new beginning. My truth has been put out there for all to see. And once the send button was hit… I waited. And right away ‘ping’ … ‘ping’…. My girls were there!  My community of sisters, wives, friends, mothers…you were there! My stomach felt tight and my... Continue Reading →


One of my best and worst traits is that I tell people EVERYTHING. To a fault. And I am usually the one who suffers or feels the consequences of sharing too much. I don’t know why I do it. But the hardest lesson I always learn is that sharing isn’t always a good thing.  And... Continue Reading →

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