The Female Project


February 2017

Before we met, I knew you…

Before we met, I knew you... I knew what you would look like. How you would smell.  How it would feel to hold you and have you lay in my arms. Before we met, I knew you... We would be... Continue Reading →

The Apology

One day, 9 years ago, someone looked me right in the eyes and had the courage to tell me that if I continued drinking the way I was drinking that the road ahead was not going to be pretty. If I... Continue Reading →

My Girls! Thank You!!

This morning felt like a new dawn. A new beginning. My truth has been put out there for all to see. And once the send button was hit… I waited. And right away ‘ping’ … ‘ping’…. My girls were there! ... Continue Reading →


One of my best and worst traits is that I tell people EVERYTHING. To a fault. And I am usually the one who suffers or feels the consequences of sharing too much. I don’t know why I do it. But... Continue Reading →


My head is splitting with the most excruciating headache I have ever had. Tears spill down my face I’ve failed My stomach turns over and over and my face meets the porcelain bowl…. 3 times Tears spill down my face... Continue Reading →

Being Strong is so Hard..

  Being strong is hard and tiring.  I knew it would be hard, but feeling so tired, I wasn’t expecting that.  I thought I would be full of energy and ready to grab life by the balls and charge head... Continue Reading →

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