The Female Project


January 2017

Honesty– A Double Edged Sword

  Honesty is great. But sometimes honesty is only great… the moment…. Honesty is great when you are telling the truth and talking about everyday things. But honesty feels really empowering when you confess a dark secret… that weighs you... Continue Reading →

The Break Up

You and I are breaking up. The more....I now know... you are the poison that I have kept pouring into myself, thinking you were healing me... but you are killing me. It’s not going to be an easy break... Continue Reading →

Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets... We all have one. Or many. Demons, monsters in the closet, unanswered questions, untold stories, unforgivable sins, guilty consciences, mistakes, addictions, abuse, neglect, loneliness, depression, violations, the list goes on. Dirty little secrets are often things we... Continue Reading →

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